Christ’s Sovereignty on Good Friday – A Devotional

I recorded a short devotional for this Good Friday. It’s such an unusual time for the church throughout the world, as Christians everywhere are spending Easter Sunday at home and not at church. I’m comforted that God’s Truths don’t change with our circumstances and hope to remind you today that when Christ came to the cross, He did not come as a victim of human choices, but as a willing servant, as king, as the Messiah, and as God. 

Even though “Good Friday,” is the day that represents Christ going to the cross, it also reminds us that God himself “did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all.” And therefore, how will he not with him graciously give us all things” for our everlasting good? (Romans 8:32).

Good Friday is not only a day that shows the sinful ways of humanity, but also the sovereign hand of God for good, because after Friday comes Sunday. We know that nothing is outside the reach and reign of God’s sovereignty. Good Friday demonstrates the absolute control God has over all things, and Resurrection Sunday is our proof. 

Listen to this devotional today and be encouraged that God has never and will never forfeit his sovereign nature. Christ went to the cross as Servant, King, Messiah, and God, willingly giving His life for our sins.

In Christ Alone,
Pastor Daniel 

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